How can I assign the license to TeamViewer Host?

We have a Corp License. One year ago, we installed a TeamViewer host and assigned the host to the main account. It is shown as "Paid" license. However, when I installed two new hosts and assigned to the same account several days ago, I got two hosts with "Free" license.

My question, how can I upgrade the "Free" licensed hosts to "Paid" license?




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    Hi @edwardzhu

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    In general, the TeamViewer license is activated on the TeamViewer account and the licensed account needs to be signed in on the local side of TeamViewer prior to the remote connections. And we recommend using the license on the local side of connections too.

    For your user case, I would highly recommend you contact the TeamViewer Support Team ☎ for assistance and discussion on license activation and activation limitations please.

    We are sorry for the hassle in advance!



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