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People who don't have TeamViewer are not in general familiar with how it works. For these I can only use Quick Support.

However when they have clicked the link to my TeamViewer Quick support they don't say anything as they are waiting for TeamViewer to load...

This information is not correct.

TeamViewer may be downloading but most users don't notice that. They only act on the information given, that TeamViewer is loading, so they wait as they are used to wait on computer systems.

This page could improve in a few ways.

  1. Change the text, make it clear that TeamViewer is being downloaded, not loaded.
  2. Show where it's being downloaded, based on browser it's the top or bottom corner
  3. Show instructions that they need to click to start the downloaded item.

But at least nr. 1 should be fixed because it's deceptive.


  • b10r
    b10r Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Sometimes when TeamViewer is not loaded they click on "Try again" with the same result

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    edited August 2023

    Thank you for suggesting this very bad oversight from the TeamViewer web designers.

    I've had to instruct 3 different times in the past several days that the download already is underway, started or most times done. I ask "what browser are you using", then instruct where to look for the TeamViewerQS file or ask to locate the Windows OS Download folder, where there's 2 or 3 TeamViewerQS, TeamViewerQS (1), TeamViewerQS (2) files. :/

    Dear TeamViewer, please, please for the love of our sanity, update your download page as stated above and use indicators to point out the location of the download in the different browsers. Thank you. 

  • JenW
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    Hi @b10r & @ITSSBTV,

    We thank you for sharing your feedback on this matter.

    We do have an article in our Knowledge Base, explaining and showing, with screenshots, where to find the QuickSupport file according to the end-user browser.

    📄 Download custom QuickSupport module

    We wish you a nice day,


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