Teamviewer shuts down after logging in second time

Ok heres the problem. When I log on to my partner, everything is fine. When I disconnect from my partner and try to log on again, it allows me to do so. However, in about 1 - 2 mins, I’m auto disconnected and I can no longer connect to my partner.

It gives the same message when I try to connect, “partner offline…” I believe the teamviewer app had been shut down on my partner device. The only way I can connect again is to re open the teamviewer on my partner. But the same problem described in para 1 persists. I’d greatly appreciate any help, please.


  • JenW
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    Hi @Vitz,

    We're happy to welcome you to our Community! 🌍

    As a first step, could you please try to uninstall completely TeamViewer on the remote device?

    To do so, please find and follow carefully the procedure explained in our articles:

    Then, you can download and reinstall TeamViewer from our website.

    After that, you can try to establish two connections in a raw, as explained in your first paragraph.

    If the issue persists, come back to us to go help you further.



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