QuickJoin for Linux

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There seems to be something missing, which would be useful... and that is QuickJoin for Linux.

There will be plenty of scenarios where a Linux user wouldn't be able or allowed to install the regular version of 'TeamViewer for Linux'.

Such reasons might include...

a) They're in a corporate environment and their system doesn't allow the installation of an application to the system... but they can run an application.

b) They're in a corporate environment and it is against company policy to have any application installed, or even ran... which would allow remote connections to the computer.

c) They're a personal user of their own computer but are against installing the regular 'TeamViewer for Linux' when they only need to use it once, to connect to someone else, and then they won't need to use it again.

d) They simply don't need or want the functionality of letting someone connect to their computer... they only need to connect outbound. Since 'TeamViewer for Linux' will (by default) constantly run the 'teamviewerd' process in the background, they simply might not want, like, or even TRUST that... or simply don't want the resources being constantly used on their computer.

It seems easy to get QuickJoin for Windows... https://dl.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewerQJ.exe

And macOS... https://dl.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewerQJ.dmg

But this file for Linux seems to be missing... https://dl.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer_qj.tar.gz

This would seem to be confirmed when you login in to the 'Management Console' and go to 'Design & Deploy'. Although you can make a custom module of QuickSupport for macOS, Windows, and Linux. For QuickJoin you've only got the option of macOS and Windows.

Another option might be to just make something like 'TeamViewer Client-only for Linux' so that you can install this on your system (e.g. with .deb, and .rpm packages being available) but doesn't include the server. It would appear this idea has come up before... https://community.teamviewer.com/German/discussion/113461/client-only-teamviewer-installation

Could you make this available please?