Offline Computers and Contacts No Longer Appear in a Seperate Folder After Update

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Since the latest version update of my Teamviewer Console Version 15.40.8 all Offline Computers & Contacts are displayed which is a big problem for me as one of Groups has more that a page of customers within it and I have to scroll through too many entries to find the Online Customer. There is no option under Extras/Options to be able to place Offline Computers and Contacts into a seperate folder anymore. Can this be sorted from within the software?


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    Hello @Bill_Itronics,

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    Would you check the following setting option of Offline computers & contacts in separate group in your TeamViewer client?

    The path is TeamViewer ➜ GearWheel (⚙) on the top right corner ➜ Account ➜ Options for your TeamViewer Account ➜ Offline computers & contacts in separate group, tick for the option please.

    I hope the setting would be helpful to you!



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