Managed Groups vs standard groups.



We are just going through the process of integrating TeamViewer into our infrastructure.

We are going to use Conditional Access + Conditional access router, so I'm just going through the process of setting up the TeamViewer back end in the management console and looking at getting the host deployment ready to deploy out to all our end user devices.

We intend to use "Managed group assignments" so it will automatically add our devices to our intended managed group(s) which should automatically assign the intended managers and policy however, it seems that if we do this that our deployment will force to pop up of "confirm the account assignment" window which we would rather be silent.

It seems we can only use general groups which provides the API token which will allow the automatic reassign the account assignment.

Can anyone advise here please? Is there not anyway to silently force the reassignment when managed groups are used? Otherwise it will force us to use the general groups which we don't want to use.





  • SGP_TeamViewer_Admin

    I think I found my answer here after more searching (unless anything has changed in the more recent future as this is a 2022 post)

    It's quite annoying there's no way to automate pushing new deployments and have them assigned straight to a managed group without any prompt, especially when paying for a higher level of subscription TV - Tensor

    So for now I will deploy to standard groups and just manually move devices to managed groups in the management console. It will just be annoying as it will require going into the management console and checking for new deployments all the time and moving them to managed groups.

  • Btowns
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    I've never had good luck with getting devices to move into groups with the settings in custom modules.

    I'm just using the assignments commands as part of a post-install script in our TeamViewer packages, it works perfectly and is completely silent.


    path\to\Teamviewer.exe assignment --id [your assignment ID here]


    sudo /Applications/ -assignment_id [your assignment ID here]

  • Ralf_Wo
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    Agree with you and this was a good tipp from you for macOS.

    It works perfect on Windows for me now I will try it at the mac. And TeamViewer not updated their own docu. :(

    Thank you.