TeamViewer Remote: It’s time for a new view!

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Dear TeamViewer Community,

We are proud to announce the launch of TeamViewer Remote. TeamViewer Remote brings connectivity and security standards to the next level for remote support, remote work, and remote access.


The most significant change in TeamViewer Remote is a new connectivity approach, which allows you to connect to remote devices and users via session links. Session links eliminate the need for you to remember and share passwords, and thus, you can connect directly, making the user journey even more secure.


TeamViewer Remote is now fully available on the web, making remote control even more accessible. You can connect to remote devices from any browser via The web solution is especially useful for users that are unable to install applications on their devices.


Furthermore, the new solution features a revamped interface, providing you with a seamless remote control experience. The user-friendly, well-structured, and intuitive interface enables you to navigate easily and control your remote access experience, increasing efficiency and productivity.

To switch to the new interface, please follow the instructions in this article: Switch to the new interface.

💡Hint: If you can't see the toggle, it means that your client version is too old. Make sure to update your client to the latest version. If you haven't installed TeamViewer Remote yet, you can download it from our website here or use the web version via


As always, the Knowledge Base is an excellent resource for learning more about TeamViewer Remote, providing detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. Please access it here: 📄 TeamViewer Remote Knowledge Base


TeamViewer Remote is delighted to offer you a new remote connectivity experience that is even more efficient, even more secure, and even easier to use.

Don't hesitate to share feedback via our Forum or the Feedback button at the bottom left of the interface!

Thank you in advance for your reactions, thoughts, and feedback!


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  • pabint
    pabint Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Testing this new release I discovered that this "new Paradigm" involves a compatibilty issue with our current systems.

    To be more exact, the new QuickSupport Modules, (that is, any new Custom Module of type QuickSupport that is created from now on) are unable to create a valid session code for one to connect from the Supporter/Assistant side.

    This means that new sessions have to be created by the Supporter/Assitant and then passed to the User.

    By removing that feature, our systems are seriously affected.

    Furthermore, your plataform doesnt support background compatibility. Or Do you provide options to download a previous QuickSupport version? I dont think so. I would prefer to be wrong in this one, but Im afraid Im not.

    I have had this bad impression for a long time, too many mistakes, too much carelessness and disregard of the user.

    If I were to choose a Remote Control Solution again, I know I wouldnt choose TeamViewer.

  • soporterapimesas
    ow can I configure a fixed remote access password on my clients' computers? Is it a waste of time to have to explain to all clients how to obtain the access password and also without a fixed access password, team viever backup cannot be installed on clients where I do not have them installed?

  • SubSolar
    SubSolar Posts: 1

    It looks like you can no longer set a permanent password for unattended access? I'm guessing this is so you have to sign in and then grant Easy Access, thus limiting the number of computers you can can connect to based on your plan?

  • Preben_FURUNO
    Preben_FURUNO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I agree with all of the above. Normally a new UI is just something that we get used to, as we find our way around, but this?

    I can no longer (simply) add a remote computer with a fixed password and allow the support team to connect. This is actually quite important in many of our work cases.

    Please revert the changes for that particular function, and give us back the list of Computers and Contacts as it was before this update.

  • AndrewMorison
    AndrewMorison Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Guys - How do we save a Password? Are you kidding me..

    I'm not sure if you have worked this out, but you have just made your product unusable.

    Or is this just a way of forcing poeople to use Managed devices which we don't want to use, which has a license cap?

    Feels like it..

    Prove me wrong..

    Andrew Morison.

  • Julthefast
    Julthefast Posts: 3 ✭✭

    We wasted about 6h of work yesterday because of the new update.

    There just isn't a simple way for the customer to give us a code and us to remote in, then install and enable the VPN.... time is money.

    Good thing this came weeks before we have to renew our license contract... guess we won't.

  • PCDom
    PCDom Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited April 2023

    I haven't used the new UI yet, but based on the experience I've had with their user feedback program, and the marketing around this new UI (ie, not a single screen shot or process highlight, all pretty people at desks and high level marketing nonsense), it's no surprise they've stuffed up big time. And that they feel the need to increase pricing continuously and charge prohibitively and without flexibility for add-ons.

    So I've used **Third Party Product** and **Third Party Product** and they're more reliable but not as easy to use as TeamViewer.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    JFDIT Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I have to add my thoughts as a TeamViewer user for over 15 years, 15minutes more with this new interface will be too long

    The functionality that has made the product a mainstay of my one man business have all appear to been removed and i agree with every comment in this post so far

    the view of client devices is confusing

    the "upgrade" process is not intuitive or simple

    the custom device information which i have spent years populating appears missing

    etc etc

    And would you believe I was asked whether I liked the Beta release and I said NO NO NO..... but then why listen to real users

  • DiceAir
    DiceAir Posts: 1

    I agree with every single comment above. This has to be the worst update ever. Will maybe think about alternatives. For me it was always easier to just have everything in front of you. When a user calls in then simply say to open up teamviewer and then just read the id and connect.

    Also another thing is that I can't connect to another pc via ip address saving me the hassle to remember the id or to create account for each device/pc I use.

    Thanks but whoever decided to change the interface must really be fired

  • Spanky_here6
    Spanky_here6 Posts: 7 ✭✭

    My comment removed LOL. the "NEW" interface is trash and i agree with every one here. It waste time and is much harder to use

  • Preben_FURUNO
    Preben_FURUNO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    So - clearly it is not time for a new view.

    When can we expect a correction of this user interface?

  • B123
    B123 Posts: 8 ✭✭

    The most significant change in TeamViewer Remote is a new connectivity approach, which allows you to connect to remote devices and users via session links. Session links eliminate the need for you to remember and share passwords, and thus, you can connect directly, making the user journey even more secure.

    Users who were sharing their PC already had the ability to disconnect a session and renew their password. You could just have added an option to renew the password automatically after a chosen duration.

    The user-friendly, well-structured, and intuitive interface enables you to navigate easily and control your remote access experience, increasing efficiency and productivity.

    It's objectively more complex: more clicks, more steps, list of sessions missing details (e.g which remote PC it is for), having to deal with two types of IDs (Session ID and TeamViewer ID). See:

    The security argument seems tenuous, but it's definitely not easier to use.

  • ecueil
    ecueil Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Having a premium account for many years now , we need to be able to use TeamViewer to connect to another pc via ip address at our local network .

    This is a crucial MUST HAVE feature for the industry , that the new TeamViewer Remote does not have.

    The TeamViewer (Classic) is perfect . Just Keep the TeamViewer (Classic) forever!

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 6,993 Community Manager 🌍

    Hello all,

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, concerns, and feedback. I truly appreciate it and will pass the feedback on to the respective teams.

    I'll try to answer the best I can to all your questions chronologically. Please bear with me, and don't hesitate to reply and keep the conversation rolling.


    Community Manager

  • DavidInfodev
    DavidInfodev Posts: 1

    As many comments above (or should I say all the comments above), I think you just made a big mistake with this new release. The old interface was simple to use, the new one is much more complicated. Have you ever heard about the KISS principle? And the interface takes too much space on the screen.

    I could not find how to the start a meeting. This is the main function I use. Is it still possible?

    Hopefully we can go backward to the old interface but I guess this would not be possible in the future. If you do not turn around I will not renew my commercial TeamViewer licence.

  • PWC
    PWC Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited May 2023

    By all means add new features and revamp the interface, but if teamviewer abandons completely the use of ID and password, I will not be renewing my license. This taking away of a critical access option is office-centric, profit-driven thinking at its worst.

  • Spanky_here6
    Spanky_here6 Posts: 7 ✭✭

    First bud light , now this

  • smathia
    smathia Posts: 4 ✭✭

    An absolute disaster. I am heartbroken that A simple clean interface has been completely dismantled. TeamViewer has become unusable

    I have tried to connect to 3 different computers over the last couple of days with the new interface. What a disaster. They keep downloading and installing and nothing happens, they can connect to a session with via a link or email. Ive tried both the web version and the desktop versions on my end and their end....nothing. Totally useless and incoherent interface. Anybody have the same problems or any suggestions. Im on the free version so I don't get any help from support

  • PowerIT
    PowerIT Posts: 4 ✭✭
    edited May 2023

    This is the worst update i have seen for a software. I am indeed very frustrated that you ruined a perfectly good software.

    Why did you invest in making something more difficult????????????????????????

    What used to be a simple intuitive process for anyone to use, especially people who have no idea how to install a software, let alone use it, now has become a garbage with endless clicks on random text just to find the id...

    I hope this backfires and you lose all your clients. I may be too extreme but in this day and age it is the only way to learn.

    It's as if teamviewer has gone woke 🤣. This rise in stupidity needs to be stopped ! You have to be taken accountable for your **bleep** decisions.

    And who will make you? Why of course, us, the clients who pay for the software. With this in mind, my company will no longer pay for this new piece of what used to be beautiful software so as to not say this NEW **bleep** software 😘

    I encourage everyone to do the same. There are plenty of other software out there that do what TV used to until you ruined it.

  • Japanat
    Japanat Posts: 3 ✭✭

    The new version overloads CPU on the remote computer, making it working bad, with lags and stuttery...

  • Mr_Huynh_Trong_Tanh
    Mr_Huynh_Trong_Tanh Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have installed Teamview VPN but still no VPN in the control panel

  • IDT_Group
    IDT_Group Posts: 2 ✭✭

    How can I put the "prefer the classic TeamViewer ID and Password" option onto the front screen of the new UI?

    As a help desk that pays for a TV subscription the only thing we need and use TV for is this function, to remotely connect to another TV ID session however the new UI has introduced much confusion for our team since this seemingly important option is buried under many additional mouse clicks for some seemingly obnoxious reason.

    Things have been going downhill since version 10 from a user front end experience.

  • Timoune974
    Timoune974 Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited May 2023

    this is just **bleep**

    I paid to save time and with this new version, I just lost lot of time and my customer too.

    You have just 6 month to correct this before we will migrate to another tools !!!!!

  • Soundy106
    Soundy106 Posts: 1
    edited May 2023

    This isn't going to sound terribly original, but I too just created an account specifically to register my utter hatred of this new interface. Like it's not even a subtle change, it's like... let's just throw everything in a blender and see what comes out the other side.

    It used to be so simple: list of sites on the left, double-click one, and I'm in.

    Now I have to go to the site list, find the one I want (no longer in alphabetical order - now it defaults to telling me which sites need upgrades!), double-cli... oh wait, that just slid a sidebar out covering everything. Ugh, close the sidebar... okay, hover over the site name... slide all the way to the right without the mouse jumping up or down a selection, THEN click Connect... wait, I can just type /connect <sitename> in the top? Well that makes it so much easier, now I have to take my hands off the mouse, then back again, when it all just used to be click-click-connected-done.

    Seriously, this is just horrible. I haven't found a single aspect of it that's an improvement.


    Oh boy, and I just got an email telling me I've been promoted to Photon! Uhh... **bleep** does that even mean? Is this all a smartphone game now, where we get bonus points for participating? Can I spend the points (or my promotion) on some swag, or maybe a discount on my subscription?

    Suggestion: take about a dozen guys off whatever team thought this Photon thing up, and put them on UI design until it makes sense.


    Oh yeah, and it keeps crashing. Solid work, guys.