File transfer job queue no longer available on free version?

patrickroque001 Posts: 2 ✭✭
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The Job Queue tab on TeamViewer File Transfer is now greyed out and tells me to "update" the license (probably it could mean upgrade to commercial license) . Instead of queueing multiple file transfer sessions on the box at the bottom, I can now do only one session at a time, and the 2nd window showing 2 progress bars, speed, file name, total files and total size pops up and is always on top. I can't also explore files on the first window until the 2nd window disappears when either completing or aborting the file job.

I would like to ask if is this just a bug or the feature has been put behind the paywall. I started experiencing it today after the release of TeamViewer v15.41.8, and this applies to both new and old interface. Updating to or downgrading from 15.41.8 doesn't work.