Mobile App & Web - canot login social/google account

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I created a new TeamViewer account on my Mac TeamViewer application, using my google account as authentication.

Now when i install the Android App, there is no option to login using google. The login screens in Android App only include username/password. If i enter "key" as password, i receive error message:

"Authentication failed with error 105 of category 2. errorMessage : This account has been created via a social media provider. Please sign in via the associated media provider."

Even when i try and just login to my account in a browser at, there is no social/google selector available. If i try and enter key in password, i receive error:

"This TeamViewer account has been created via a Google or Microsoft account. It's not supported on this client. Please use a newer version of TeamViewer to sign in."

So how do i sign in to my account on Mobile App and Website??



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    I have same situation. Was little lazy, decided to login(windows) via microsoft, as there was option to do so. Now I cant login on phone(Android). On web version, on Windows, it says that i need to use newer version of teamviewer to use Microsoft login.. on web, on Android (phone) it says that smaller screen size doesnt support, and tells me to use app... Now I need to create another account to use it?

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    I am having the same situation. Telling me to get a new TeamViewer app but even the beta does not have support for single sign ins. At the moment, I can only log in via the windows app - on their website it also says that I am using microsoft... bleep my laziness i should have just done it manually :-D

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    Well and does it have any solution?

  • I encountered this issue today and was able to resolve it by calling TeamViewer support. The wait was not very long and they had me delete my account entirely then recreate it without using the SSO auth flow, and then simply reused the activation link I receive when I purchased the license. Everything works perfectly now.