New Version - NOT a Fan

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  • Duplicated all groups with secondary groups of same name saying devices require an update for full functionality. Go thru the process to auto-update, and it will not get all devices. Go to each machine manually and check for update...says it's already up to date. As expected since I have them set to auto-update. So...annoying and broken.
  • Lot of devices now show up as bookmarked "and therefore has reduced functionality". Prompts me to login to management. No options or instruction on how to remove bookmarked devices. There is instruction on how to add it though. So...annoying and broken.
  • Advanced Settings, Offline devices in separate group. Nope...all online and offline devices showing up in both duplicated groups. So...annoying and broken.
  • I do like the cleaner looking UI. If only everything worked and was manageable it would be great.
  • For now, REGEDIT and set \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TeamViewer\UIVersion to 2 for the original UI. At the very least, that cleans up all the duplicated devices and folders and brings it back to a little normalcy.


  • HRMService
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    Any ideas on how to remove all the bookmarked computers and keep the new ones so we get full capabilities?

  • Nathan_PWD
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    I agree. I can't even setup a simple TeamViewer Host access point correctly anymore. This is literally causing my company incredible pain right now. TeamViewer missed the mark big time with this latest release. New features are always nice to have, but not at the expense of functionality. I think I am going to head back to **Third Party Product**.

  • YaronS
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    This is so disappointing. Teamviewer have missed greatly this time.

    Already reverted to old UI, and as they request feedback I clearly said that if this is their direction, it may very well be that mine will be **Third Party Product**.... (Already paying **Third Party Product** as well, so not too long before I cancel my Teamviewer one...)

    Have been with Teamviewer for about 15 years... why is it always that at some point good products turn south???

  • dogsoldier1
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    Worst update ever in a working software!!!!!

  • jlazore
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    I agree. This is really bad. Us IT people can't even manage to navigate this new version. Makes no sense at all.

  • Ndallas75002
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    I agree with all the above contents! Online instruction is far from what is needed to understand what must be done. I'm not sure that I"ll be able to take care of my computer updates next week. Who the **bleep** did the Quality Assurance testing of this new change? SAD!!!🤬

    RSHBM Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I totally agree, this is really bad! We have been working for some years with slightly less than 100 Tensor licences without any problems. But now it's just too confusing, both for the users and the support staff and it simply needs too much IT department ressources, without any real benefit.

  • RC_SAV2023
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    Totally agree with the above, what a **bleep** this new roll out is!

  • AlanCossey
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    "This device is bookmarked and has reduced functionality". What reduced functionality? I clicked on "Learn more." and there is nothing there about it.

    As others have said here, this is not an improvement on the old user interface. Now going back to the old UI.