Want to cancel the subscription before the 7 days of purchase

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I just purchased the Teamviewer Remote access license. My partner has trouble to connect to my device remotely. So I decided to cancel the subscription. I tried the Terminate subscription button in subscriptions tab. But it didn't work, I am not sure how to cancel the subscription now. It under 7 days, so I can get the full refund. How to cancel th subscription. They are not providing me the phone support too, saying I don't have the option for my license


  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hello @rajanikinu ,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, and we're sorry to hear you're leaving TeamViewer.

    Please note that all cancellation requests must be sent via ticket.

    The step-by-step to open a ticket you can find here.

    Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Best, Carol

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