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Erratic Keyboard Behaviour

I am having problems with erratic keyboard behavior using TeamViewer 11 (v11.0.73955) on my Mac, and the Windows client version (v11.0.76421) on my endpoints.

When connected to the endpoint, frequently keyboard commands are not recognized; or there is totally unexpected behavior, such as when trying to enter a command or text into the run box, web form, word doc, spreadsheet, etc, on the client machine. At times I have had to utilize another remote tool to finish the job or have the end user do the typing.

I have tested from a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.12.6, and several fully patched windows machines but see the same behavior.

We have seen this behavior on versions as far back as V9.

Has anyone had similar problems?


  • You are a voice crying out in the TeamViewer community support wilderness. LOL! If a tech falls in the forest and there is no domian controller around to here him, does he really make a sound?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 243 [Former Staff]

    Hi sharksushi,

    Thanks for your post.

    Sorry that you have not received a response from other user's for your original post.

    If you are still experiencing this issue and are having a license, I ask that you please call your local TeamViewer support center so they can assist further.

    All the best,


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