Devastated with new version disaster !!

Please Viewer team -- you have found a way to scare me with this terrible upgrade !! I cannot believe what Im seeing -- the new UI is absolutely not acceptable !

Most of my managed computers are "updated" but the new system insists that I need to update them --while I'm still seeing the new Version: 15.41.9 (30d2050eef3) in the TViewer info !!

This is so sad - I have worked with TViewer for 25 years and now ... I am buying another service while I hope you can fix the errors -- this is full of holes ! I cannot connect to computers which connect instantly using Jump -- I cannot bring to "Finalize and clear Duplicates" some computers which are reporting "Updated" (and they ARE online).

Please do something - I don't want to migrate to the new system !! Regretfully you may loose me to another service... (* At least give us the opportunity to stay with the old UI until you have debugged)


  • kenwebber
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    Have to Agree with this. I have over 15 years with Teamviewer and this software is a disaster.

  • howezermatt
    howezermatt Posts: 1

    I'm having failed remote sessions with multiple clients. The new look and function is a disaster. Time to jump the sinking ship

  • lautarob
    lautarob Posts: 1

    Totally Agree. The new version makes complex and cumbersome what was easy and straightforward.

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hello @digitalsteel, @kenwebber, @howezermatt, and @lautarob,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback about the new interface of TeamViewer Remote!

    We highly value the time you took to write to us in the Community.

    Please know that it's possible to switch back to the TeamViewer Classic interface by clicking the button New version on the top right of TeamViewer Remote. If you don't see the button, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open TeamViewer Remote and sign in with your account.
    2. Click the gear icon (⚙) ➜ Go to this device's settings.
    3. In the General tab, you will have the option Use new TeamViewer interface  uncheck this option, and restart the TeamViewer services so that the TeamViewer Classic interface can load.

    @howezermatt are you still having issues when remote connecting? Could you provide us more details of the issue and the devices involved (e.g. error message, OS, TeamViewer version, etc...)

    Please let us know if we can help you any further. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • NRR
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    What a poor, canned, generic reply... we expect more from TeamViewer. We have had nothing but problems with our connections. As someone else mentioned, connections that worked seamlessly now won't work because they "have to be updated".... to what??? I have updated the clients and yet nothing works properly. I had everything organized in groups and that's now a joke. My worse problem is that when a device needs to be authorized, we get an email with no TeamViewer ID!

    And just to let you know, we put in a ticket with TeamViewer and have supplied the same information and screenshots over and over again and no one seems to understand the issue. The first CS rep that answered immediately questioned if we were hacked... what a way to troubleshoot. It seems no one has the answer to fix these issues.

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED! Totally disappointed with the application and the customer service.

  • jbush
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    @.Carol.fg. Please know that using the old interface with the new update is still garbage. Devices in old groups will not even be visible. If you still want to see devices that need to be updated to the new HAVE to use the new UI. I am fully aware you can push out the update via management console. That is only if the device has a somewhat new version. Older devices will require you to fully uninstall and reinstall Teamviewer to get them into the new version and its device groups. The beauty of Teamviewer is that is a remote app for accessing remote devices...most of which are REMOTE. Meaning it is not so easy as just going to them for a uninstall/reinstall. As much as I have loved using Teamviewer for the last 10+ years...really growing to hate it about as much.

  • .Carol.fg.
    .Carol.fg. Posts: 1,066 Moderator

    Hi @NRR and @jbush,

    Thank you for taking the time to write us your feedback!

    We're really sorry to hear about the negative experiences our users are having with TeamViewer's Remote interface as well as connectivity.

     @NRR Rest assured the steps to go back to the TeamViewer Classic interface didn't change with recent updates. I'm also sorry to hear that you already contacted our support team directly for help but they couldn't solve the problem. I would appreciate it if you could send a private message to me with the ticket number. I can certainly request a revision of your case.

     @jbush Our development teams are aware of certain conflicts regarding devices associated with your account and the Device Groups, and are currently investigating potential resolutions. Regarding your scenario, please know that if TeamViewer services are closed, you can connect to the device via the QuickSupport session link, and remotely uninstall the old version of TeamViewer to remotely install the newest version of TeamViewer Host (or TeamViewer Remote if the partner also needs to remote connect.

     Please let us know if we can help you all any further. 

    We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • CortecITDept
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    edited January 19

    This thing is **bleep** I wish I hadn't migrated. Unusable in both views since migrating devices. **bleep** are y'all thinking?

    Old view has some devices with little clouds next to them, other devices under "Device Groups" that show limited information.

    New view I can't even seem to search for a computer by part of it's name, I don't understand at all how I'm supposed to use this absolute garbage.

  • jbush
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    Welcome to the party!