New interface & managed devices - how long do we have to migrate everything?

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Seems people are not happy about the new interface. I was testing it this week and I'm wondering for how long TeamViewer is going to let users go on the old interface.

I'm asking because there are workflows that can't be followed depending on the UI you are following, for example:

  • We use TV to wake up PCs from sleep, on the old UI you can do this if the PC is on the legacy groups, but if you have a PC on the "managed" group, you need to be on the new UI to wake it, the option is not available otherwise.

It seems that if you want to use the new UI you need to update all devices to "managed", which it's not our case with 150 devices. The effort to update these devices and get users to "learn" about the new UI is considerable.

My questions is: yes I can keep the old UI and the old groups, but until when? It seems at some point this won't be impossible. I've tried installed TV on a new PC and I couldn't get the options accessible without logging in (nuts!!!) hence I couldn't change to the old UI.



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    I have been getting around the "create user" problem by installing version 14. Short term fix but it keeps me going until I find something else. I am putting a link below.

    14.x (

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    Thanks for the link, the problem is that I use deployment exe's (you have to pay more for MSI) and it always installs the latest version. I know there is a JSON configuration file but I don't know if it's possible to stick to TV14 EXE and use the JSON to configure and deploy silently.