Help Needed: Since upgrading I am unable to access my own devices

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Hi, hopefully someone can help me out - as I am a bit stuck...

I got a prompt to 'upgrade' my devices (note: not account) about 2 months ago. I went through the process; upgraded my devices, deleted the duplicates, etc - but since then it has been an absolute nightmare and I can't access most of my own devices now.


I am a free user, as I mainly just use TeamViewer to help my mum with IT (she is 66 y/o and lives 400km away).

I installed the TeamViewer desktop app on her laptop, and the Host mobile app on her Android phone. I logged both devices into to my own TeamViwer account (i.e. assigned both devices to myself) but now I struggle to connect to them.


This setup worked perfectly for the past year or so, but since the upgrade when I try to connect to her phone from the TeamViewer desktop app, it now says the connection was blocked/refused by the partner [see screenshot]...

I checked the devices and app settings in person and there is no notification / approval message (i.e. so it's not as if my mum is actively tapping 'decline' or anything). The app has full permissions, is signed-in, online and I also installed the TeamViewer Universal Plugin app but I can't connect at all from my PC.

I tried signing out and back in again, and even uninstalling and re-installing the Host app again but I am just stuck. Ironically, I can connect to the device via the TeamViewer web client.