How do I find & download specific versions of TeamViewer?

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TL;DR: Where can I do to locate & download specific versions of TeamViewer?

Long Story: I currently have the TeamViewer Full Client installed but the automatic update process is failing because it's looking for a specific version of update.msi, and the one that's in C:\Program Files\TeamViewer\Update isn't the one it wants. Similarly, if I try to uninstall the TeamViewer Full Client (listed as TeamViewer in Programs & Features/Add & Remove Programs) I get the same prompt about wanting update.msi.

Although the Full Client is working, it seems like the installation is broken and can't update.

When looking in Programs & Features, the currently installed version of the TeamViewer Full Client shows up as version

However when I check the 'About TeamViewer' it shows up as version 15.38.3

My thinking is if I can get my hands on the 15.37.3 and 15.38.3 MSI's, I should be able to sort this out.