WOL not working. Android phone. ID's reset for private use, log file show error:No license.....

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I have used Team Viewer for a very long time. A few years ago I got flagged as commercial use. I filled out the forms; they investigated and found that I am using it for private use. For as long as I can remember I had the ability to WOL (Wake On Lan) my PC’s via the android app.

Last February there was an update to Team Viewer on my phone. I got one popup stating that it was suspecting commercial usage. It happened only once. I am still able to connect to my PC’s, but I am unable to WOL my two systems via the android app. I have no Popups stating commercial usage and I do not have a time limit.

I then filled out the forms and included all the Team Viewer ID’s that I use to request they investigate my usage and to please grant me the private licensee one again. After a month or so went by; I got a notice saying that I was checked out and that all ID’s have been set for private usage.

Well, my phone still will not WOL my systems. I then filled out the forms again and told them the situation and to reset my phone for me. A day went by and they said they reset all my ID’s. My phone was still unable to WOL my PC’s. I checked the log files and there was an entry like this (note I changed the ID’s):

I/TeamViewer PListManagedDevice::WakeupAsync: WakeOnLanRequest RequestWakeup: 1xxxxxxx2 (15xxxxxxx)

2023/05/07 08:48:30.521 16252-16288 E/TeamViewer PListManagedDevice::WakeupAsync: Wakeup 1xxxxxxx2 was not successful. Error: No license

2023/05/07 08:48:35.860 16252-16252 I/TeamViewer GroupMemberListComputerViewModel::WakeUpDevice() wake up request is already running

2023/05/07 08:48:38.872 16252-16286

I then sent in the forms again telling them about the log files, and they said they reset the ID’s again. I did this a total of 6 times. Still no resolve. I uninstalled it from my phone, removed it from the management website. Reinstalled the program on my phone, then added it to my management counsel once again. I still am unable to WOL my PC’s, it still has the same log entries when I try to wake them up.

How do I fix this??


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    Hi @JimmyZ ,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Community!

    There is a current issue reported with the wake-on-LAN feature. You can see more details here.

    Our development teams are aware of it, and they are working to get it resolved as soon as possible.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator