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I purchased a teamviewer remote access license while i was away in czech republic. I was using my business laptop and needed to connect to my home PC in the end i purchased a license but have yet to figure out how to activate it. I can go to the admin/license page where it asks for the Invoice number. I have that but i get the message that i can not activate it, i must contact sales. Any one know how this is done.


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    Hello @k4pro,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community! ✨

    I am sorry to hear that you experience problems with the license activation.

    Let's check it together:

    • In order to 📃 Activate your license, please make sure to open the email for the license activation (There will also be an email for activating the TeamViewer customer portal).
    • Click on Activate in the e-mail to activate your license on your TeamViewer account. You are redirected to the Management Console.
    • Please sign in with your existing TeamViewer account or click Sign Up to create a new one. Click Activate.
    • Log into your TeamViewer account within the TeamViewer client on the local computer
    • Afterward, you can 📃 Add your remote computer(s) to your TeamViewer account.

    📌 Please note, that in order to activate the license on a computer to which you want to connect, you must first know the TeamViewer ID of this computer and set up secure unattended access: 📃 Prepare your remote computer

    I hope you'll find this information helpful.

    Please write us if you need further assistance at any point.

    Have a great day!


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