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Host for Samsung went offline

I've been running Teamviewer Host for Samsung on my Note 4 successfully for the past 2+ weeks. The phone is located halfway across the country and I was using my daily phone to monitor security and check the status of multiple online connections to this Note 4 through Host, but just yesterday the phone appears to have gone offline, or at least, it seems Teamviewer is no longer active on this phone. I know the internet is still working because there are other services that require internet access I can still connect to at that location and I can use Android Device Manager to locate the Note 4, but Teamviewer says it's offline.

Is there maybe some update or server issue that may have caused this? The connection had been rock solid up until yesterday and the phone is plugged in with 100% charge the last time I checked which was less than 24 hours ago, and this phone typically last weeks while idle so something definitely happened.


  • Dear boojay,

    I encountered exactly the same problem today (10 Sep 2017)... The phone I am using is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

    The last remote control I made was yesterday (9 Sep 2017). On the day I could saw that everthing looked normal on the phone: the battery level 100% and "TeamViewer: Host for Samsung" was on at the time. 

    However I found this morning that the phone went offline... I am pretty sure that the phone's mobile interent is in good condition since the phone is still transmitting data back to me at the moment (the phone is running an app that transmits data to my desktop all the time, using 4G mobile interenet).

    Wonder if you might have had any thoughts about what may cause the problem? Many thanks.


  • The only thing I can think of is maybe the phone rebooted by itself for whatever reason. I never bothered to check whether or not there was an option to restart the app/server again on reboot so unfortunately it's been offline for me until the next time I visit the location. I do know there was at least one power outage in the neighborhood though, but that shouldn't have affected anything since the phone was fully charged and will last for days/weeks on standby.
  • Same problem here. TeamViewer shows Android devices in standby when the screen timeouts and locks so you cannot connect and remote control. Tried different smartphone brands and Host for Samsung as well as TeamViewer Host on Android version 7. It does not show online again until the device is unlocked and you switch to the host app to get to display "Ready to connect".

    This did not happen with previous Android versions so you could remote control and unlock. Can someone please investigate fix this bad bug/malfunction?

  • I'm experiencing the same issue with A 6s on marshmallow.  I've turned on developer mode and set "never sleep when plugged in" or whatever that setting is and had the teamviewer app open and in the foreground.  It was showing as available for about 1 to 1.5 hours.  It is no longer accessible after 2ish hours.  

    If you're setting it to never put the app to sleep, potentially newer android oses are ignoring that setting, unfortunately.

  • Sandro
    Sandro Posts: 1

    Corretto: con le precedenti versioni di android funziona sempre (Samsung S3 mini), con le nuove va in stand by (Samsung J3 e Galaxy Tab A)

    @sirlurkalot wrote:

    This did not happen with previous Android versions so you could remote control and unlock. Can someone please investigate fix this bad bug/malfunction?


  • hrorek
    hrorek Posts: 1

    I've been having the same problem for many months through a few versions of Android and versions of TeamViewer manager for Windows 10. When I go to the Samsung Host it says "Not ready. Please check your connection". Waking my phone and unlocking the phone doesn't put it online (although I would be okay if it just did this as a security feature). I can only get it to wake up and connect from the Windows Manager by turning off wifi (I can then turn wifi back on) or by stopping and starting the app.

    I'm pretty surprised this issue has been going on for so long. Issues like this usually get magically fixed within a few releases ;-) Does TeamViewer not pay that much attention to the Android Host? Is this just a Samsung issue?

    I'm currently using TeamViewer 13.0.6447, Samsung Host 11.0.4766 on an S8 7.0, and Samsung Host 11.0.4766 on an S6 7.0 daily.

  • same issue here, been going on for over a year now. i have users toggle airplane mode and viola teamviewer icon turns blue in manager and i can connect. 

  • rubenrexa
    rubenrexa Posts: 1

    Hi everyone,

    I have the same problem, when the screen goes offline, the teamviewer go to offline too.

    I have changed all the battery safe apps, but the problem continue.

    The solution was, install DUO or another app to start the screen, when i start a call with DUO app, the scree switch on, an the teamviewer get up, and then, i can connect with teamviewer., so i hang down the call and i manage the phone by teamviewer.

    It is a trick, but it is working correctly.

    you an see this trick like a security enhanced feature, because the teamviewer ONLY start to work when you call to the un attended phone.

    (i recommen use one app that you not use usually, to install ONLY in this unattended device, i use DUO, and i use DUO ONLY with this phone).

    Thats all,

    Best REgards,


    P.D. Teamviewer Android for Samsung in a Samsung Galasy S4