Cannot remove Easy Access + who is Additional Manager?

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I am actually more and more upset with recent changes in TeamViewer.

Today TV HOST module on on of my 2 main PCs said it found wrong TV version and TV must be reinstalled. Ok, I did reinstall, but now I can see two concerning things:

  1. TV says, that my (Andrej) and one additional manager has access to my computer. I am the only manager and I do not have any additional managers in the company!!! Who is this "additional manager" and how to get rid of this?
  2. Beside, now is my PC accessible without even asking for password. That's security risk and I want to turn OFF Easy Access...but I cannot! Checkbox does not want to go away, and under settings it is greyed out.

What am I missing?

In Management Console I can see I am the only manager for this PC. Who dafuq is "one additional manager"?


  • KelNet
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    I am having the same issue - did you ever find a solution for this?

  • Cedli
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    yes the new version is more and more frustrating

  • Owen111
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    anyone from teamviewer comment on why this states there is an additional manager? Is it a bug, quite concerning from a security perspective and nobody seems to have commented ??

  • I'm curious about an update here, too.

  • rolandc
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    I am also curious about this issue. What's going on? I've seen posts dating back to May without resolution.