Set up Unattended Access for customers

Hi all,

I work on an IT support team and we've been told we need to start using TeamViewer Tensor to connect to our customers servers in order to support their queries - the company has given us all our own login and licenses.

But I'm not sure how to advise the customers to set this up on their end though to allow us to connect to their servers and provide support when needed. I believe they need to install TeamViewer Host on their server, but the "Grant Easy Access" seems to want them to enter each account separately to whitelist them for access (which will be a LOT if they have to set one for each of the support people on our end)

Didn't there used to be a way to just set it up for easy access so the password remained the same?


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    Hello @NoelCollings,

    Great to see you posting for the first time! 🚀

    Indeed, the customer server should be assigned to your company profile, so you can support them in the most secure and fast way.

    The best practice I can recommend here is to assign the TeamViewer Host, running on the customer server, to your company profile by following these instructions: Assign a device to your company

    Once the Host is assigned, you'll automatically be able to connect at any time via Easy Access.

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'll be happy to help you further.


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    Thanks Jean,

    I think the issue we're having is that our Teamviewer licenses are accessed via our company's SSO details, and due to the security our company has in place it won't allow me to enter those details onto a non-company-compliant device.

    The result being I'm unable to enter my teamviewer details into the customer-side Teamviewer application, so there's no way to set up unattended access.

    I've raised the issue with our internal tech people to try and find a solution, just wanted to make sure I'd done my due diligence before I went to them!

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    Hi @NoelCollings,

    I understand where you're coming from.

    I spoke with Support Engineers from my team, and they provided me with a solution that is very likely to work for you.

    The solution would be to send your customers a link to your custom Host. They will only need to click the link, install the custom Host and accept a pop confirming the assignment to your company profile.

    We explained how to do this in the following article: Assign a device manually to your Company

    No entering any credentials, no data from your side being added to their systems; let me know if this solution could fit you!


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