Teamviewer 15.45.3 Loses Mini Toolbar So No Way To Disconnect!

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I connect to my own computers using direct connection on local network. With the new version 15.45.3 when I collapse the toolbar at the top to the minimum and then try to end the session instead the toolbar disappears completely and I can no longer end the session! This never happened before! Note that I'm using the so-called "Old Interface" which has still changed in an annoying way. But right now it's useless!


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    Hello @brw111 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to our Community!

    I did a few tests, but I could not simulate the issue on my side.

    On both interfaces, once the toolbar is on its minimum size there is no X to close the session.

    Could it be a misunderstanding with the full-screen icon?

    To end the session it's necessary:

    • To expand the toolbar, and click the X on the left side (TeamViewer Classic/old interface)
    • To expand the toolbar, and click the X on the right side (TeamViewer Remote interface).

    If this information doesn't help you, please let us know, and share with us more details about the issue you having. A screenshot would also be appreciated if the X is missing on your toolbar.

    Another important reminder is that according to our changelogs, TeamViewer v15.45.3 had its toolbar redesigned; therefore, the TeamViewer Remote interface should be the one displaying for you. What is the OS of the devices you're using?

    Thanks for your understanding and collaboration!

    We're looking forward to your reply! 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

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