Questions For Mass Upgrade of Hosts Clients

We will be upgrading our teamviewer host clients in preparation to move our PCs from Win 10 to 11 (in-place upgrade). For many business reasons, we do not have auto update host clients set in our tensor policy. Thus, we need to mass install the new client. 

1. I was told by TeamViewer support that client ID could (would most likely) change after the OS in-place upgrade. Is the ID guaranteed to change after the 10>11 upgrade? Anyone see this? If the ID changes, would it happen right at first login of the user profile? Or sometime after?  What is odd is we’ve tested the OS upgrade on two systems with the 15.22 host client and the ID did not change and I was able to connect fine as before and do everything we always do with TeamViewer host.  

2. The TeamViewer host client I have to upgrade all of our systems is Is this the “best” version to use for Win 11 22H2?  Some host client versions were more problematic than others. 

3. After the OS is upgraded to Win 11, I was told the client will lose its TeamViewer Tensor association (I’m paraphrasing here)? If this does happen, there would be a command line to run to “get them back” into our Tensor system. What is that? And hopefully that command, if needed, isn’t specific to each group a client might be in. If so, that would be a nightmare deployment as it’s much more difficult for us to know which group a system is in via Intune or SCCM. 

4. Is there a host version compatible with the upcoming Win 11 23H2 release?



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    Hi @net1994 ,

    Thanks for your questions and we're happy to see you back in our Community!

    The information provided by our support team is correct. We also motivate our users to reply back to the ticket or call our support team to clarify any questions that may arise.

    Our development teams are also always working to keep our software compatible with the OS's newest versions. You can always check for updates in our changelogs or in our articles:

    Let us know if we can help you any further.

    Best, Carol

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    What is the criteria that would cause the ID to change? We really need to know the answer. It's been mentioned it may happen or it may not. But what is the trigger? There must be some process on the PC with the host client or Tensor back end system that flips this ID to a new one. We may need to update ~6000 PCs because of this. Or 10. Or none.

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    Hi @net1994 ,

    Thanks for the additional questions!

    As mentioned by @JeanK in this discussion, each ID is unique to the device; therefore, if major changes happen to the hardware and/or software it could cause an ID change.

    There are no "precise criteria" for the ID change, and that is the reason we advise you to keep in mind that major changes could trigger a new ID number so that you are aware that such changes could occur before proceeding with major changes/updates in your devices.

    When such a change occurs, it is not possible to revert or re-use the former ID. If the device is very important to you, and you cannot risk losing connection with it, you may consider proceeding with the changes whenever someone is available on the partner side to confirm with you the new ID in case it changes.

    Let us know how it goes, and if we can help you with anything else. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

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