New UI - Give an option for the original toolbar


For a couple of weeks now, some parts of the new UI of TeamViewer have been released to both versions. So now even when you have not enabled the new (not to say truly awful) UI, the Toolbar during a connection has been updated.

The new Toolbar design may seem visually appealing, but it falls short in terms of user-friendliness. Unlike the previous centered and compact layout that provided easy access to all functions, the new design scatters elements across the whole screen. This can be particularly frustrating when working with widescreen monitors, where you constantly find yourself searching the entire width of your screen in order to use something from the toolbar.

This seemingly minor inconvenience becomes a significant issue when you're engaged in dozens of TV-Sessions a day for an extended period of time. Productivity takes a hit, and it's essential to have an alternative. Therefore, I kindly request that users be given the option to choose between the new style, which may actually work well for some, and the beloved original centered menubar. The latter not only offered a more efficient workflow but was also greatly appreciated by many.