Still no sound from macOS?

HippoMan Posts: 1
edited October 2023 in General questions

I've seen some old messages here from around 5 years ago which state that when TeamViewer is running under macOS, sound cannot be transmitted from the macOS machine to the TeamViewer client on the connecting machine.

I'm wondering whether during the past 5 years, that this lack-of-sound problem under macOS might have been resolved in newer TeamView versions.

If so, I will go and purchase a TeamViewer license. However, if this problem has still not been solved after all these years, I won't be wanting to purchase any TeamViewer services.

Keep in mind that one of TeamViewer's competitors, namely the "NoMachine" utility, has no problem transmitting sound when running under macOS. This means that this issue is definitely a solveable problem.

Thank you very much for any thoughts and ideas about this issue.