Basic feature : Group of users


The "New" Teamviewer is based on Device Groups, allowing you to free yourself from the owner and keep the groups in the event of its deletion.

There is a major problem in it, simple example.

I have 100 Device Groups and a new employee arrive. I need to modify ALL THE GROUPS to add the new employee in it one by one with the necessary rights.

Why we cannot simply create a user group (while the tab exists?) and just add this user group to all the Device Groups ?

At least, create a bulk edit to add a new user to all desired Device Groups.

We just can't use the new Device Group function just cause of that, it's really a shame.

Hope this functionnality will be added shortly.



  • MHit
    MHit Posts: 7 ✭✭

    Yeah, I've just gone to create a user group for this very purpose and found I don't have a button to create a group like TeamViewers guide suggests!