Support user cannot see any devices under Computers and Contacts

One of our support staff has the tensor client install on their device. Our other support staff can see all devices being managed by our org however she cannot. As far as I can see all the e policies and permissions are the same, and I cannot resolve the issue.

This is what she sees.

This is what I see:

Any assistance or advice on where to look would be appreciated.


  • Ying_Q
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    Hello @AriBiantes,

    Welcome to the Tensor board and we are happy to have this discussion with you!

    The scenario could possibly relate to the group permission by adding the group manager. Can you check the device group's properties on TeamViewer Management Console, and complete the step of adding a manager to a device group.

    I hope the step of adding a manager solves the issue and look forward to a positive update from you!



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  • AriBiantes
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    Hi Ying, thanks for your help.

    We have managers for the group, and said staff member is in GRP-TeamViewer Users so has read-only permissions as a manager of the group.