Teamviewer cannot remote to China (OCT 2023)

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Dear All,

Being a premium client of Teamviewer, i have reported and open tickets on the issue of "cannot remote to China by Teamviewer since the start of Oct , and just get Teamviewer support replied that their servers : and can't be reached when using China Telecom network, that is a big problem for all the clients that rely on using Teamviewer to provide remote support that out of China, i hope Teamviewer can provide workable solution asap or simply get another workable servers out of Japan for Asia users's connections.




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    Teamviewer Existing Servers for Shenzhen :

    Being blocked by China firewall, Teamviewer no longer fully working in china

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    Hi @Summy and @hosummy,

    Thank you for posting in the TeamViewer Community for help and discussion!

    We are truly sorry you are experiencing a possible connection issue with TeamViewer to a particular region. The situation needs further investigation by the TeamViewer Support Team and the information collected from your connections, we would like to advise you to contact the TeamViewer Support Team for possible tests and solutions on the remote connections.

    If you have already gotten in touch with the Support Team via the phone or support ticket recently, please be patient and wait for the update from the support agent.



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