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I just started remote operating my video editing computer but I am getting 0 sound from the editing software itself (Davinci Resolve Studio). I checked all my settings, drivers, etc. and everything should be working--I'm able to get sound from every other application I've checked (spotify, my internet browser, steam); I'm also sitting in the same room with both computers trouble-shooting, and I can hear the audio coming through correctly on the remote computer with the same output (headphones) as the other programs whose audio is working on the local computer. For some reason I can't get audio from that program, and I'm very confused. Please let me know if there's anything I should try.

As I understand it, the fact that I can hear spotify on both computers at the same time as I can hear audio from Davinci on the remote computer means that I have everything set up correctly, and should be able to hear the Davinci audio on the local computer as well.


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    I’ve recently encountered a similar issue as described in this thread, where audio from a video recorded with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV was not being processed correctly in DaVinci Resolve during a TeamViewer remote session. Interestingly, this issue only occurs when the video is processed remotely; the audio is fine when the same process is executed directly on the home PC.

    In search of a solution, I consulted with an AI assistant, and we explored some potential causes and solutions. While I haven't tested these yet, they might provide a starting point for troubleshooting or might inspire other ideas:

    1. User Rights and Software Conflicts: Check if DaVinci Resolve has all necessary rights and no software conflicts occur during a remote session.
    2. TeamViewer Settings: Investigate TeamViewer settings for any specific audio configurations that might affect DaVinci Resolve’s processing.
    3. Temporary Files and Cache Management: Ensure that necessary cache and temporary files are accessible and not disrupted during remote access.
    4. Network and Transfer Speeds: Analyze network connection and speed to ensure it’s not affecting file transfers and processing.
    5. Export Settings in DaVinci Resolve: Review export settings, particularly regarding audio format and codec, for remote sessions.
    6. Software Versions and Updates: Use the latest versions of both TeamViewer and DaVinci Resolve to avoid potential bugs or compatibility issues.
    7. Alternative Remote Software: Consider using a different remote access tool to see if the issue is specific to TeamViewer.

    I’m sharing these insights in case they help anyone else facing this issue or if it sparks further ideas for a solution. Any additional insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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