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Exciting times are here as TeamViewer presents the latest TeamViewer Tensor release, bringing a fresh interface and a host of powerful features for administrators and users alike. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the brand-new TeamViewer Tensor experience, which is available in our TeamViewer Tensor client and via Here, we'll provide a quick overview of these new enhancements, so you can get up to speed in just a few minutes.

The new TeamViewer Tensor experience

Prepare to be amazed by the all-new TeamViewer Tensor experience, available both through the TeamViewer Tensor client and This interface is designed to take your remote access and support to a whole new level.

Get started now:

Controlling the Tensor interface

As an administrator, you have now full control over the interface used on your devices. With TeamViewer policies, you can easily define the interface used across all devices.

  1. Start by creating a TeamViewer policy including the TeamViewer interface setting.
  2. Apply the policy to the devices you manage.

📌Note: You can also decide whether your end users should be able to switch between the Classic and the new interface using the Enforce setting. This allows you to maintain authority over the TeamViewer Tensor interface within your IT infrastructure.

Please find the full guide here: Control the user interface

Predefined Roles

Efficient user permissions management is now made easy with predefined roles. These predefined roles offer a structured approach to controlling user permissions, ensuring that new users receive the correct permissions the moment they're added to your company.

📌Note: Predefined roles also apply to users added via API and SCIM, ensuring consistency in permissions across your organization.

Please find the full guide here: Predefined roles

Preapproved access

Introducing preapproved access, a feature that allows designated users to request and gain access to your device environments for a specified time frame without the need for real-time authorization.

  • Streamlined Maintenance: Suppliers can request access ahead of time, reducing delays during maintenance windows.
  • Enhanced Security: Access is only granted to authorized users, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Automated Session Closure: Sessions are automatically closed after the approved time frame, ensuring security compliance.

Please find the full guide here: Preapproved access

Bring Your Own Certificate (BYOC)

Enhanced security is at the core of all connections between TeamViewer Tensor clients, thanks to certificates that authenticate the identity of participants. These certificates, issued for individual TeamViewer IDs by Conditional Access, prevent devices from impersonating others.

  • The "Bring your own certificate" (BYOC) feature allows TeamViewer users to use their own certificates for authenticating devices involved in a TeamViewer connection. This authentication is in addition to the standard TeamViewer certificate authentication.
  • You can configure TeamViewer installations to require custom certificate authentication for incoming connections, outgoing connections, or both, effectively restricting TeamViewer connections to a specific set of devices.

Please find the full guide here: Bring your own certificate

These features give administrators more control, simplify user management, and elevate the security of remote connections. Embrace the future of remote access with TeamViewer Tensor!

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