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How to change same ID on Android clones

gigio Posts: 1

I have tried to install on an android 5.1.1 board.
Only problem i found was that i had to install the quicksupport add-on by copying in the system/app/ folder (with root) couse it failed to install.

Now the big problem is that i installed also on another board (with the emmc originally cloned from the first one) and both the devices get the same ID.

I've tried to change some details in build.prop (like board or device name) but no still assign the same ID

Any ideas? thank you



  • I know it's an old message but when you search in Google it's one of the first results to show up.

    I managed to find how ID are generated on Android: To generate the ID on Android Teamviewer use the Serial Number of the Android unit.  :smileylol:

    I bough 2 Android TV-Box and both are clone so they have the same serial Number so I used "Hijack Suite Premium" and changed the serial number and Wifi MAC address  and after I installed  Teamviewer and it generated a new ID and everything was fine.

    Don't forget to uninstall Teamviewer completly before installing "Hijack Suite Premium" if you don't TV will not generate a new ID.