TeamViewer - Exorbitant persistent storage requirements


Been an issue for a few weeks now, haven't really found much with regards to this issue. It occurs on my Desktop and sometimes my laptop, the client has been fine for the last few days but notice that my OS drive gets eaten up (128GB SSD).

Clearing this folder out will temporarily free the space, but TV will slowly repopulate the contents and eat up SSD Write resources as well as storage. This appears to be linked to the TV remote access being setup but not entirely sure about the technicality behind it and why so much storage is needed. I keep seeing HTML5 web-access when referencing this folder, any pointers or article links to help remedy the storage issue I'm encountering.

I did find this article, if disabling the web-client overall would be a possible solution, I suppose I could go about doing that, just looking for possible recommendations :P