Teamviewer screen does not refresh unless mouse is moved

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My screen seems to not change/refresh at all unless I move the mouse.

I changed my connection to wired from wifi, still does the same thing.Internet speed seems to be fine on both ends so not sure whats causing issue.

Tried both speed and quality optimisation and nothing!


  • Dusko2210
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    I also have this same problem. When I make a change, for example, I open folder by double-clicking the mouse, screen does not refresh, but when I move mouse a little, it refreshes and I see that the folder has opened. It does this on different devices with different connections. No solution to this problem?

  • Ariaz16
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    Thinking of leaving and changing product to another software.

    I find it ridiculous how not a single developer has responded yet. If they make the software surely they could find the fix for it…

    I cant even work properly now due to this

  • Ariaz16
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    Hi, I think I found a workaround which seems to have made the mouse issue stop for now.

    After connecting, on the bar above select view>quality>custom settings

    Colours - Slider set to low

    Quality - Near the middle (greyed out for me)

    Fast video streaming - Adaptive (greyed out for me)

    The two check boxes below that should be clear (no ticks)

    Hope that helps!

  • Overdoze
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    Extras -> Options -> Remote Control -> Quality -> Custom Settings

    Colors: HIGH

    Quality: Highest speed

    Fast video streaming: Whole screen

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    Same problem here from days....

  • gjon
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    I've been struggling with this for about 2 months now.

  • irando
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    Also had this issue for several months

  • Pascal24
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    Same here for weeks. Just adjust "Custom Settings" Quality a bit and refreshing works again.