Bug report: Dark Mode breaks 2FA sign-in setup

Rebecca_Lopez Posts: 1

When activating Dark Mode, which is a Beta Feature, you can't scan the QR code to setup 2FA sign-in (Settings>Authentication>Two-factor athentication for sign-in). This is because of the lack of contrast between the dark background and the black pixels of the QR code, which causes the QR code detection to fail on most devices. Plus, the fact that the QR code is so small (I have high dpi maybe it's because it doesn't adjust for that? but maybe it's small for everyone) doesn't make the QR code scanning easier.

I hope you manage to fix this before Dark Mode goes out of beta, for example by simply adding a white border around the QR code and making it a lot bigger.

Until this is fixed, if you can't set up 2FA the workaround is simple: just disable Dark Mode for the time needed to set it up, then reenable it.

PS: Is there a dedicated way to signal bug requests? I could only find this forum...