Teamviewer not starting anymore on Windows10

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I downloaded the last version 64 bit on Windows 10. When I try to start Teamviewer a white window opens for a second and close immediately after. It crashes immediately!

So I cannot start and use Team Viewer any more!

I already uninstalled and re installed but no way :-(

Please help. Thanks.

p.s. So I discovered and I'll use it. I cannot start TeamViewer but when I open task manager I see TeamViewer service is up and running but TeamViewer not showing on my Windows 10.

Also I found that my PC folder: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\CrashDumps is full of TeamViewer.exe.3764.dmp with crash reports!



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    thank you for this information - nothing but problems with teamviewer -I wanted to try for free first - NO GO - i would never pay money for this junk. I am no beginner when it comes to tech I can figure out just about anything - I spend over 2 hours uninstalling, changing settings, allowing and "rolling over" for the treat! NOPE