help to connect ipad to windows pc


I'm new to TeamViewer. I want to use my ipad to access my home PC when needed. I created an account, and can see the PC on the ipad teamviewer. When I click connect, it just endlessly loops, telling me to hang tight.

I have set up the PC for easy access. I need the PC to be always on, and according to the settings, this is done.

I added the ipad as a bookmark, but not sure how that helps.

What am I missing to be able to remotely control my pc from my ipad?

Sorry, this probably isn't enough info to help me, but all suggestions welcome as I'm lost.


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    Hello @iggyviewer,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community!

    Thank you for sharing your remote connecttion setup with us! May I ask which module of TeamViewer have you installed and used on both iPad and home PC please?

    For the remote connection from the iPad to the home PC, it is recommended to have the support side use TeamViewer Remote Control on the iPad to initiate the connection, and then TeamViewer Full client or TeamViewer Host on the home PC for receiving the remote connection.

    Let me know how you are going with TeamViewer installation and hope to hear from you!



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