License Count Is wrong and Support is unable to remove old license

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Hi There

I have a business subscription to Teamviewer, and I used to have 200 licenses for Asset Management and monitoring as well as Malwarebytes Endpoint protection.

Because the old sales rep provided me with different license I have got multiple license with different PAC id on same account.

Now I requested support to consolidate all of them into one to make payment easier.

They provided me activation links and now once I activate I am getting the wrong counts of licenses for Asset Management and Monitoring I am getting 400 which is ok but for Malwarebytes endpoint protection I am getting 275 which should be 400 including old and new ones.

I spoke to support they are suggesting I remove all the devices and inform us so we can try removing old licenses, which is not possible when the devices are already added to the account as per the support.

I am worried there are 200 devices; removing them is a painful process, and leaving multiple devices unattended for a couple of days is not ideal for any org.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

below in the screenshot my license looks like this and I need to add all the devices in the 200 endpoint license and remove all others.

Thanks in advance.