Teamviewer not starting upon boot up

Zadrian Posts: 9 ✭✭

I have this weird issue that is happening randomly on some PCs, lappy and servers (VMs) running Win10, Win11 and Server 2016 & Server 2019 respectively. The issue is that Teamviewer which was already to set to start with Windows does not start up after boot up.

From admin side, I could see the machines as black (Teamviewer not started) but the PCs, lappy and/or VMs were already booted up either physically or via console on VMware vCenter. I could be updating the machine's firmware, performing windows update or simply just moving the PCs from one desk to another.

However when I move the physical mouse then windows will show the login screen (I do not need to login yet), teamviewer would then start (I could see on admin that the icon turns blue).

The Versions are between 15.51.6 and 15.52.4, I thought it was caused by older version but it also happened to 15.52.4.