Endless loop of not being able to use a TeamViewer account

thecrazyindian Posts: 2 Newbie

Hi folks,

I work with an organisation as an IT Contractor. I had a TeamViewer account with my organisation email address previously. I left the organisation last year and have come back again this year to help them with some issues.

They are trying to re-add me as a user to their Licensed Teamviewer Portal, it shows that I already have an account.

If I try to log in, or perform a password reset I get a mix of:

"Looks like your TeamViewer account is not yet fully verified" on account.teamviewer.com if I try to log in - but I am not receiving a verification link via email

"To ensure the continued security of your account, you need to first confirm this browser is a trusted device" on login.teamviewer.com if I try to log in - but I am not receiving the confirmation email to add my device to trusted device.

if I use either account.teamviewer.com or login.teamviewer.com, I do not receive any emails from Teamviewer at all.

I'm in limbo as I can't delete my account nor access it as I'm not receiving any emails from Teamviewer to the Organisation email.

The Organisation's infrastructure team have been monitoring Microsoft Exchange Traces to confirm whether anything is being blocked and nothing is showing up.

Happy to PM any Support Admins, being mindful to not put any email addresses/organisation names into the post.

Using my Personal TeamViewer account to post this as you cannot log into the community board without being able to do any of the above!