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Unusual response from Quick Support user

I support a Quick Support user. My connection is blocked by a message that states that the user has a trial commercial license that has expired and a license is required. This user definitely does not have a commercial license. It seems that this problem was caused by a scammer that instructed the user to install Teamviewer so as to gain access to his computer. That install has been removed with all Teamviewer references removed from the registry and replaced by Quick Support. However the problem remains this suggests that his computer ID [ID removed] is registered on the teamviewer servers as a trial commercial. This is not the actual situation nor desired. Hopefully Teamviewer techs can remedy this problem. Please fix.



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  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,623 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi @davmax

    Thank you for your post.

    If your customer has been contacted by a scammer, I recommend, that he is reporting this to our privacy team under [email protected] (this address is only for these kind of reports). 

    For further information, please have a look at this article: TeamViewer and scamming

    All the best, Esther



    Community Manager
  • thanks esther, The fraud has been reported and dealt with locally.

    Now only interested in Teamviewer server being changed to recognised the user computer as only having Quick Support and NO commercial license as apparently caused by the scammer..

    I see the computer ID has been removed from my original post. Hopefully support will deal with this issue.

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