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New improvements for ITbrain Backup

 In the latest ITbrain Backup update we improved the backup restore dialog and the backup selection. Please find more details below: 

Restore dialog improvements:

  • Showing the file size of your selection:

          This new feature will show you the size of your selected file before the restore.                              file-size-new.png

 Backup selection improvement:

  • File path in advanced selection: This improvement will allow you to backuped individual files. Simply add the full path of the file in the advanced selection.file-select-advanced.pht.png
  • Wildcards: ITbrain Backup now supports wildcards “*” in the advanced selection. You can replace a folder path by using the “*”as a placeholder.wildcards-backup.png      

         Examples: C:\Users\*\Appdata\Local (to select Appdata\Local in all user directories) 

        Use only one * to replace the full folder name.


Let us know what you think about these improvements.

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