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Locked out of my Account

I have an old invalid email associated with my profile and neglected to change it prior.

Since, I have reloaded my OS and now cannot login because my new OS is an untrusted device. Worse yet, the email for verification is going to the old, invalid email.

There are several posts on the subject, but it appears that support interaction is required. 


  • Any possible help here?

  • 2+ weeks and no assistance? Is there another avenue that  I should be trying for my account recovery?

  • iainwels
    iainwels Posts: 121 ✭✭

    Hello Eric7753,

    Could you dont select the "I forgot my password" link on your email?

    @Jonathan Do you have any solution for this?

    I hope this helps!

    With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
    Iain Wels,
    If you found this helpfull please verify it as an solution, so it could help other people
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi Eric7753,

    Thanks for your post and sorry for the delayed response.

    Also, sorry that you are having trouble accessing your old account. Since you do not have access to the old email account to be able to authorize your sign in on the new OS, the only option is to cerate a new TeamViewer account using an email that you currently have access to.

    I know this is not the answer you want to hear but without access to the email there is not much else that can be done.

    Hope this helps.


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