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I will help TeamViewer devs!!

You guys get a lot of questions regarding "applications not showing up / white screens / programs not showing" etc, etc. Believe me, I've searched and there are a lot of these posts going back many years ----- and you still haven't fixed it. You haven't fixed it because you're looking in the wrong place. < Yes Devs, I'm talking to you. 

Here is an example post I found:

Here is an excerpt from the first answer : "TeamViewer act as echo, capturing the screen; without a connected monitor GPU doesn't render at all." 

Now, I don't want to split hairs over the wording because technically, that may be correct. HOWEVER, THERE IS AN ANSWER / FIX. 

I have a Windows 10 machine connecting to a HEADLESS series of GPU's that is running Windows 8.1. When I connect with Teamviewer, some of the "things" I need to get to simply do not display. They are either blank or present a white screen in place of the application I need to see. This is the same exact problem all your other customers are having in one form or another. Changing settings inside Teamviewer, etc does NOTHING. 

My "fix": Close teamviewer and connect the same Windows 10 machine to the same Windows 8.1 machine < with no monitor connected ) with the built in "Remote Desktop" function of Windows. It connects and EVERYTHING shows up perfectly. Others have said that a (rival) software called "Splash Top" also resolves these issues. < unconfirmed by me)

Since these issues have been going on for years with Teamviewer, we can rule out what version of TV, or Windows, or anything else related to any "settings." The problem is in fact RENDERING. Period. 

I do not know how or why "Remote Desktop" RENDERS everything perfectly, but my advice to TeamViewer Devs is to figure out WHY Remote Desktop works just fine, but TeamViewer does not. 

Once you figure that out, fix TeamViewer accordingly and all those related problems and questions will vanish. 

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