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Screen sharing iOS 11 / Team Viewer 12 - 'wrong firmware'

Dear All,

after setup my iPhone 6 (iOS 11) and starting the App TeamViewer Quick Support I wanted to connect to my PC (Win10, TeamViewer 12 installed). 

Unfortunately the connection were denied, 'cause a "wrong firmware"

Whats going wrong? Can you help me?


  • gkln
    gkln Posts: 4

    Same here, iPhone 6 plus with iOS 11,

    Teamviewer V  12.3.81014 CL (ID 1)

    QuickSupport V 12.3.85180 QS (ID 2)

    W732EN with Teamviewer 12.0.83369.

    Following instructions given on

    and starting QuickSupport "Share screen" ("Bildschirm übertragen"), and starting "screen recording" in the control center of iPhone, TeamViewer ID 3 is displayed, with which I tried to connect from my W732EN. Next is I have to permit on the iPhone, but then on the PC the err-msg is displayed:

    „Dieses Gerät kann aufgrund von Firmware-Einschränkungen nicht gesteuert werden“

    With several repetitions once I got the screen from the iPhone for a couple of seconds displayed on my PC, overlayed with the error message. After this the connection was reset by the system as in the other cases. 

  • Same Problem with iPhone 5s, iOS 11.0.01, Teamviewer QS 12.3.85180
    PC: Linux, Teamviewer: 12.0.85001


  • gkln
    gkln Posts: 4

    Now, 2 days later, it works! I did NOT reboot my iPhone in the meantime, nor did I reinstall the QuickSupport.  The PC was rebooted twice, but on the PC no SW-update was made - so strange in any way to imagin what was going on in these two days.

    It is only possible to see the screen of the iPhone, but no remote action can be performed (in accordance with the product description). The connection shuts down as soon as the iPhone changes to standby, e. g., bc. of energy settings.

  • gkln
    gkln Posts: 4

    For me it works now


    I guess, the reason was that during the operation to connect to the iPhone, the energy settings caused in the meantime a change to standby-mode which, in turn, cuts the connection. So I propose for further tests to disable all energy-saving options and take care that the iPhone screen is illuminated.

    The other point was that according to the product description no remote action is possible: no clicks in my PC-Teamviewer will be transported to the iPhone and therefore the energy-saving count-down on the iPhone is not interrupted. Depending on the settings it changes within 30 seconds to standby.

    The message „Dieses Gerät kann aufgrund von Firmware-Einschränkungen nicht gesteuert werden“ is correct: you cannot control the iPhone from your PC - thats it. Just click OK to close the message. In the picture you supplied you can see that the actual screen of the iPhone is displayed on your PC - so it works. The idea seams to be that the user of the iPhone controles the iPhone locally as usual, but another person can watch from remote what is displayed on the iPhone - and give advice by telephone or another chat-tool, but in any way NOT controlling the iPhone remotely.



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