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Newest "Screen sharing"

I tested this feature cause I badly need a system where we can support to our 200+ clients who are activelly working with our app.

  • First of all: I had to upgrade my test iPad to ios 11 (imagine if we need to do this 200+ times....). After 1h I good proceed
  • then I needed to investigate how our clients (no tech guys) have to do if they want support. ll these steps... I guess we will lose again an hour for every client before we can start giving support here!
  • If we are lucky and client didn't throw his device away during that time I finally saw the window of the iPad...upside down. No way to turn this window anyway...
  • Most important part was that SCREEN SHARING just means you can just 'watch' what the client is doing on his iPad, that's it! You can't take over the system!...

So honestly? Dissapointed bigtime here! :smileymad:


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