Integration of Screen Sharing SDK with my Android app


I have successfully integrated SDK ScreenSharing with my Android app. But when the app goes into background the session with teamviewer is paused until the application activity is visible again. My question is if someone know about a way to control the whole device system with the ScreenSharing SDK. Or if it is impossible to do so with this SDK.



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  • dreamRank
    dreamRank Posts: 2

    how you implemented this please share the process with me. how ever i follow the android sdk tutorial but the screen sharing doesn't working at least you reached there .
    please help me with that.

  • Marti
    Marti Posts: 3


    Well, this was some time ago and I dont remember quite well the step by step I followed to integrate the SDK. But I found an app example I did follow back then. I could not found the original source link but here it is : [external download link removed by moderator]