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How do I stop getting the survey at the end of a remote session.  THIS IS REALLY annoying becasue it doe snot close by itself it just sits ther I have a lot ao fsession through out the day and I don't want to keep closing this box.


  • I disengaged this by unchecking "Show Comment Window After Each Session" in the management console, under User Management.  You might have to do this for every user. Hope that helps!

  • Scotty
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    Hi rsgooch,

    Thanks for posting!

    ZachatCDMS is right in that you can turn it off in the managment console.

    This is a feature of the software, the comments go into your connection reports for future reference.

    You can also turn this option off by clicking your profile name in the software > Edit Profile > Uncheck the bottom box "Show Comments window after each Session"


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