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Connections to Samsungs are being Picky?

We currently have a 6 channel corporate license, and I have been having a great amount of sucess connecting to Samsung devices with the Android Host I have built.

However, I am getting this ready for mass consumption and I have a few other technicians in our department that are being prompted for a password when connecting;  I am seeing where I can assign a password, and some of the troubleshooting done in the other forums but whats odd in this case is that only some of the technicians have this problem.  I, who wrote to module, have no issues at all, and I have shared the group out to these techs with full access.  I have also dug into the options and nothing jumps out at me, and I am hesitant to make any major changes when I have people able to use the module; once again, it seems to be tied to the user attempting the connections.

Any ideas where I can look?