Hate the new interface, want to go back but no option



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    Hi @Closed account 

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We value your opinion, and we appreciate active and critical users! 

    We believe the best way to build a better product is in collaboration with our users. Your feedback is crucial for understanding your needs and solving the right problems. To achieve that we have our User Focus Program. In this program, you get exclusive previews and can give early feedback on ideas, concepts, and potential new features!

    It would be an honor to also have you in our program and we would like to invite you to apply for the program here: https://content.teamviewer.com/en/teamviewer-user-focus-program/

    We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the UI and other ideas, concepts, and potential new features soon.

    Thanks and best,


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    In my TV (the latest update) - if You stretch the window very very far left - it looks like old contacts standalone window... (not the same but looks very similar...)












    But You should have advanced option ticked ON - "allow small window size for computers & contacts"


    What I'm missing from far begin of TV is GROUP CASCADING !

    I would like to have "building like" cascaded hierarchy:

    HEADQUARTER -┬-> FLOOR 2 -┬-> ROOM 204
    │ └-> ROOM 205
    └-> FLOOR 3 -┬-> ROOM 301
    └-> ROOM 302
    OFFICE TT ---┬-> ROOM 1



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    At the pleasure of Teamviewer, all of their PAYING customers get to lose money as we try to learn the new UI, as well as teach our customers how to use the new interface. All of this relates to lost revenue! Did Teamviewer ask their PAYING customers our opinion on the new interface? NO!

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    I apologize for any inconvenience, but I would like to express my disappointment with the recent change in TeamViewer's interface. While I understand the importance of security measures, requiring users to create an account and sign in goes against the objective of providing a simple and straightforward support experience. 

    Previously, downloading and running the old TeamViewer was already a challenge for many users, and now it has become even more difficult. As a support team member, the additional step of having to create an account for every user is quite frustrating. It also raises questions about how to access users' email for confirmation and why it is necessary. 

    I have always appreciated the comfort provided by TeamViewer, but this recent change has made me consider switching[removed per Community Guidelines]. Nonetheless, I would like to thank TeamViewer for the service provided thus far.

  • Ericbob
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    Registry Editor

    It's HK_Current_User/Software/Teamviewer/UIVersion

    Value 2 = old design, 4 = new design

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    This change is not only unbelievably bad but ridiculously executed for a company with so many users. This is going to cost Teamviewer's clients SO much time in lost productivity.

    I too had to install **Third Party Product** on a clients computer just to figure out what the heck is going on and why my client can't see an ID and password.

    I will not be renewing my contract if this does not improve. Holy bananas I don't have any clean words left to use so I'll stop here.

    Shame on you, Teamviewer.  👎️


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    This interface is awful !!! I just want my list of PCs in groups like I had them. Now I'm being forced to Managed Company PCs. Only thing good I found about it was that you PC could be in more than one group at a time .

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    And from a previous update:

    "But maybe people are displeased at the enforced (and misguided) decisions of Teamviewer development. The old UI was excellent for MSP's (you know those that pay the outrageous fee) to be able to see machines online, in a small and very uncluttered space. The new UI is clunky, cluttered, "

    I am another of the regular PAID users that HATE the new interface. My first thought was , "oh, look, Microsoft must have bought Teamviewer" -- because Microsoft also loves to change layouts and functions for no usable or valid reason.

    And before someone replies with "oh, just give it a try" -- save your comment. Because of misguided changes at Teamviewer, I have no choice but to try; there is no way to go back.

    This is just one of MANY threads talking about how much the new layout **bleep**. And based on the lack of action, nothing will be done.

    "What team evaluated this update and what operational requirement was being met by choosing to remove basic functionality in order to (seemingly) bulk up registered user stats."

    Completely agree. TV has become another company that lets its design engineers do "something" to keep busy without looking at the end game. Perhaps someone at TV should read the book "Working backwards" and consider whether these "pretty" changes really perform a valid and valuable function for the paying end user.

    "P.S. For the last 10 years I was never annoyed so much that I wanted to post on the forum, today, after seeing this UI, I am seriously annoyed."

    Today is my first post also. For the same reason.

    I am still looking for settings I need and functions that are necessary to my use.

    "Absolutely terrible decision. just to go with a "modern look and feel" you gave up functionality and usability. meeting tab is gone, device groups are missing, unattended access wiped out and needs to be reconfigured."

    Yeah, a hundred other people have said it better than I.

    "This is insane. What team of morons approved this change?"

  • Freedom2u
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    Thanks for posting I can switch back to the old interface.

    But I have an issue when using a new interface that always prompts me to another party with no connection. Need to connect a few times or restart the program only can work. remote connecting to another party is also very difficult to need key in /connect and id

  • fodorarpi
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    This new interface is complicate!

    I just want to add a password for the remote computers and put than in my list of PCs in groups. Now I'm being forced to sign in on new remote PCs. :(

    I dont want to sign in to the new PC-s, just installing TeamViewer and set up the password!

    How can i do this siply?

  • FakeName
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    I installed the new Teamviewer on a computer that I wanted to remotely manage.

    I can't figure out how to even open the options /Extras to put in a password and turn off the microphone that TV always tries to grab.

    Where in this screenshot do I click in order to get to the options of the program and set up a static password or two? I need to turn off the microphone too, but the options menu is gone.

  • LeFlix
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    Please bring back at least an option for the old interface or redesign the new one. As it is, its anything else than user firedly! I just want to open TV, type IDs and Passwords and go. And antother page with my bookmarks. Thank you!

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Answer ✓

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for all the feedback provided about the new interface of TeamViewer Remote.

    We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with it. Therefore, I would like to provide some information that may help you:

    With the release of TeamViewer Remote, TeamViewer's best practices for using TeamViewer have been emphasized to ensure even more security for our users.

    At the moment, to be able to access TeamViewer Options on the TeamViewer Remote interface, our users are required to log in with their TeamViewer accounts.

    • TeamViewer Remonte is meant for devices that receive and do remote connections. If the device only receives connections, you can use TeamViewer Host (No need to log in with any account, the Options are available right after the installation, allows the configuration of Easy Access, ID and Password are easily visible for connections; licensed users can customize their Host, free users can download it from our website.)

    Please know that it's possible to switch back to the TeamViewer Classic interface by clicking the button New version on the top right of TeamViewer Remote. If you don't see the button, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open TeamViewer Remote and sign in with your account.
    2. Click the gear icon (⚙) ➜ Go to this device's settings.
    3. In the General tab, you will have the option Use new TeamViewer interface  uncheck this option, and restart the TeamViewer services so that the TeamViewer Classic interface can load.

    I hope this can help! 🍀

    Please let us know if we can help any further. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

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    Wait a second. Now it's two different programs? Who in their right mind approved that?

    So the process is:

    1) Install Teamviewer.

    2) Try to sign in.

    3) Get rejected because of 2FA

    4) Use 2FA to approve the addition of the machine

    5) Finally allowed to log in

    6) Turn off the new interface and microphone via options

    7) Set a static password and auto-startup in the options

    8) Sign out

    You've got to be kidding me.

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @FakeName ,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    By the description you provided, it sounds like your main goal is to have unattended access to connect to the remote device.

    If the remote device will only receive connections, TeamViewer Host is the best option for you to install on the partner side.

    You can install TeamViewer Host remotely via QuickSupport, and quickly grant unattended access by selecting Manage this Device.

    Let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • FakeName
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    What happens if the user decides they would like to access their other computers?

    Now I have to drive to the users house to uninstall Host and install the normal Teamviewer? And then I need to go through the process of signing into it and setting the user up with an account?

    This is horrible any way you try to spin it.

  • BenSym
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    Hi All,

    Oh my goodness, this new interface is awful, not only is it buggy for the professional, users now cant get it right to get my help. There are too many options to download and then when in they now dont know what to click.... IT Support is about supporting the end user as some of them really do not know anything and get completely confused.

    I just had a client now trying to take control of my computer all the time, eventually i gave up after an hour!!! I had to use **Third Party Product** as that was more simple for them!

  • Megahertz07
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    Why Teamviewer is complicating things that were working very well?

    "Best software is the one you know how to use it."

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @FakeName ,

    If the user also wants to be able to connect with their own devices using TeamViewer Remote, you can provide the user with our step-by-step guide for the uninstall (I will list them below), and you can also use QuickSupport quick links to remotely install TeamViewer Remote on the partner's side. Once their account is created, and they are logged in, you can remotely Set up remote access to your account. No driving is necessary. 😄

    Uninstalling TeamViewer instructions for:

    I hope this information can help! 🍀

    Let us know how it goes, and if you need any further clarification.

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • FakeName
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    Oh yeah, good call. That's way easier than just having it work the first time.

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @Megahertz07 ,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback about the new interface and welcome to our Community!

    As mentioned above, please rest assured that you can use the TeamViewer Classic interface if you prefer it.

    If you need help or clarification, don't hesitate in asking our Community! 😀

    Best, Carol

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  • FakeName
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    How long will be able to use classic interface without installing multiple types of Teamviewer (Host, Remote)?

    What is the end of life date of the product we use now?

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @FakeName,

    Thanks for raising this question! 😃

    TeamViewer Host has been used by our users and clients for many years to better set up unattended access. The difference now is that to improve the security of our users, TeamViewer requires an account to be able to start a remote connection to another device.

    TeamViewer takes security topics very seriously, and we're constantly improving the software to better serve and protect our users. New updates come every month, you can follow our changelog here.

    I understand that changes can seem complicated at first, so please don't hesitate to ask for help whenever needed.

    Please let me know if we can help you any further.

    Best, Carol

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  • TrevorInUK
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    My one big gripe is that it is not as simple (number of steps) the client has to contend with to connect.

    Old interface: open TeamViewer - tell me the password

    New Interface: I have to email session link, they have to clieck on it to open web page, then they have to click on the correct choice on the web page (that is a weak point, even giving them instructions!) then they have to join the session, then I have to open the session, then they have to accept remote control...... etc

    Then there are the glitched with the new Interface, like a remote session opening as a blank minimised window that you can do nothing with.

    Give us a simple option to connect as with the old Interface please.

    As I am retiring and just supporting a few clients I will not be paying for TeamViewer subscription when it comes up for renewal, as it is I have wasted so much time over the past week trying to find a solution to the problems.

    Exasperated and frustrated.....


  • kNetIT
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    Seriously - I called support to ask them how to add a new device to my existing groups, or how to link a new device to my account and they didn't even know how the blasted interface worked. How do I add devices to my existing groups that have the correct security shares already built in??! This interface is such a trainwreck as was obviously rushed through to meet some internal deadline. There shouldn't be this many bugs to iron out as a previous user stated. For the price we pay for this product it should be virtually perfect. TeamViewer's team lead on this project really had an accident on the bed with this one.

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @TrevorInUK ,

    Thanks for your feedback about the new TeamViewer Remote interface.

    Please know that connecting with an ID and a random password is possible if you prefer.

    You can connect with ID and random password with TeamViewer Remote, QuickSupport, and Host (they are all available for download on our website).

    • TeamViewer QuickSupport
      • It's just an executable, doesn't get installed. You can use it for the remote installation of TeamViewer Remote or Host.
    • TeamViewer Remote
      • It will be installed on the device, and it's the complete tool to receive and start a remote session. ID/Password to receive help can be found on the main screen as well as after the login with the account.
    • TeamViewer Host
      • It will be installed on the device. TeamViewer Host only receives connections, and it allows the setup of unattended access.

    I hope the information above can help you!

    I understand it can be confusing at first, but TeamViewer offers different ways to remote connect to better attend to the individual needs of our users. Therefore, don't hesitate to ask questions to our Community!

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @kNetIT,

    We appreciate the feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that you contacted our support team, but they couldn't clarify all your questions.

    • When you said  the correct security shares already built in do you mean you already configured it as a managed device?

    Once you set the device as a managed device, and click + Add device to the group, the device should show up for you to add as shown in the image below:

    • Does the group you want to add a device to have a green or gray icon?

    I'm looking forward to your reply! 😄

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • Manwithcomputer
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    I tried the new interface for about 2 weeks. It is horrible, slow, unreliable and difficult to use. I have gone back to the old UI and much happier again. If Teamviewer sunset this then I will be sunsetting Teamviewer

  • Trilogy_IT
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    I tired the new interface for a couple weeks and the experience was awful. I get needing to support advanced security methods, but literally everything I performed in the software was changed and moved somewhere else, and the learning curve was too steep when we need to provide quick and simple remote assistance to the end users. I echo the same sentiment as many of the others here, if the classic UI is to be sunsetted, I will no longer be a paying commercial user of TeamViewer. The whole point of paying for and using TeamViewer from the get-go (I have had a business license for it since version 7) was the ease of use for the end users, and this new version and UI is a tedious non user-friendly disaster.

    NGUSALLC Posts: 1

    We will now be looking for other alternative providers. With no warning, my one helper activated the new upgrade on her computer, thus forcing me as the owner of the account no choice but to upgrade to try to get connected, which we had working perfectly.

    Now 10 plus hours later trying to remotely connect to computers that were originally set up for unattended remote access, and the one business is over an hour away, with no computer savvy person on the other end to try to help get things working we are about ready to simply give up on what WAS a terrific product.

    All setting were not migrated as is, or was, and everything needs to be set up all over again, and we still have not even beeen able to connect remotely unattended with our main office computer. It would have been different if once converted, that everything that was working, still worked after the update.

    No warning, and now lost time and profits. We only had a few remote connections set up, but we feel the pain for those who had many. Getting ready for a weeks vacation in Aruba, and now no way for my worker to connect prior to us leaving so she can do her work. Such a poor way to to do an upgrade to not have what was working connections remain working after an update. Vacation was supposed to be a stress reliever, and now it's nothing but a stressful time away noing nothing can get done remotely while we're away.

    Going to now look to see when our renewal is, and look for alternatives. A good simple product that just worked, and now its just a mess in our opinion like many others feel.

    So sad we just decided to try this product in the past year. What a waste of money now for the rest of the current subscription. Trying to figure this out is extremely complicated with the new improved user interface. It's like it went the wrong direction, it's now much harder.

    Done with my rant now, but feel the pain of other heavy users. So sad for a once terrific product.