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Power icon button disaperas on iPhone not the connect icon

I've been running TeamViewer on my home network of computers for years (love it) without an issue. I have always been able to log in remtoely to our homeserver, or nay of the desktops without an issue from any computer in the home, or any computer in the world - even from my iPhone with the installed app (which is updated for the new ios11. Today I installed wake-on-LAN. Everything installed perfectly on all the computers. I'm able to wake any computer up now (I did this via the directions that Team Viewer has posted online). Here is the problem (on my iPhone) it will show devices that aren't connected (asleep) and show a power button icon. You hit that button and it will wake the computer and place the computer name in the online computer area and then dispaly the connection icon. That works perfectly and I can log on. If a computer is not asleep and I attempt to access it via my iphone it displays in the online section of computers with a power icon (not the normal connection icon); I hit the power icon and it starts to spin, than the icon just disapers  completely. It will not allow access to the partner computer. The only way it will allow acccess is to wait for the partner to go to sleep,. then wake it up, then make the connection and it works fine. I've already deleted the app and reinstalled it. Please help.   Thank you.

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